Born in Quedlinburg, Germany, Gabriele Yonan is internationally recognized as one of the foremost scholars and historians on Assyrian Christians, since her critically acclaimed publication of "Assyrians Today", published by Pogrom, Germany in 1978, followed by her book
"A Forgotton Holocaust-The Extermination of the Christian Assyrians in Turkey and Persia", published by Pogrom in 1988, both widely considered premiere works on the history, language and culture of the Assyrians, which have educated and inspired generations of scholars in the field.

Gabriele Yonan's body of work includes 27 works in 71 publications in 4 languages and 361 library holdings, according to World Cat, the world's largest Library Catalog.

For over 40 years Gabriele Yonan is an advocate for Assyrians, as well as for other ethnic and religous minorities in the Middle East and for many humanitarian causes. She continues to give lectures throughout Europe, the United States and Australia and is an honorary member of the Society for threatened People in Göttingen, Germany.

Gabriele Yonan was a co-founder of the Federation of Assyrians in Germany and Europe and the Assyrian Union Berlin. She serves as an advisor for Assyrian organizations worldwide.
Gabriele Yonan is an alumna of the Free University Berlin, where she studied at the Institutes for Semitic and Orientalistic studies and resides in Berlin.